Bear Grylls’ life is in your hands in new interactive Netflix show

Madison Brown


If you’ve ever yelled at your television because of a character’s bad decision, you now have the chance to actually change fate.

You vs Wild

Last year Netflix released “Bandersnatch,” a show that blew up in popularity due to the fact that you could make decisions for the main character. Video game enthusiasts flocked to the show, as it truly felt like you were playing a game instead of just watching TV.  The program had a ton of endings, ranging from crazy to downright catastrophic, and you could spend hours exploring all of the possibilities and still not reach a happy ending – if that’s what you were going for.


Netflix is back at it again, this time putting real life into our hands – belonging to none other than the world’s favorite British survival show hosts, Bear Grylls. Grylls first popped up on our radars with his hit series on the Discovery Channel, “Man vs Wild,” during which Grylls would travel to far off locations all over the globe to try to survive in some of the world’s most dangerous places. In “You vs Wild,” all of Grylls’ decisions are made by the viewer in what may be the first ever interactive survival show.

Antartica or Africa? Lush jungle, scorching desert, or freezing tundra? Camp and wait out the storm, or brave the rain and make it to a destination before night falls? We’ll have to wait and see what our options for Grylls will be until April 10, when all 8 episodes of “You vs Wild” will be made available on Netflix.

Where would you like to see Bear Grylls survive a night the most?

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