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How to ask for a movie or TV show to be added to Netflix

Ben Bowman


It’s Saturday night and you open Netflix, looking for something to watch. You scroll and scroll and scroll and nothing seems right. “Man, I wish they had [NAME OF YOUR FAVORITE MOVIE],” you say. “Because I could totally go for some [NAME OF YOUR FAVORITE MOVIE].”

Good news, folks. You can ask Netflix to add titles to their library. Just click here.

And apparently, Netflix thinks everyone knows about this.

…but nobody knew about this…

You can request virtually anything, but that’s no guarantee Netflix will add the title. Content companies are becoming pretty territorial. As Disney just gobbled up Fox, you can bet they’re going to build their own Netflix rival, so they won’t lend out more titles beyond their current content agreement. And that also means you can ask for the “Toy Story” trilogy all you want, but Buzz and Woody will stay locked safely in Disney’s toybox.

As news of the request page spread, some folks got creative, like Reddit user Teaspoonsareforsoup:

Considering how Netflix has saved other shows from oblivion, there’s always hope.

If you manage to get Netflix to add one of your suggestions, let us know!

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