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How to Fix Netflix Error Code NW-2-5 in 7 Steps



Have you been watching Netflix on Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, PlayStation, or Xbox and come across a strange message saying that there’s an issue connecting to the internet? This error is better known as NW-2-5. While it may be obvious you should check your network, there are other causes for it.

Let’s take a look at how to fix Netflix Error Code NW-2-5.

7 Steps to fixing Netflix Error Code NW-2-5

No matter which device you’re using, you can try one of these solutions.

Step 1: Try again

Sometimes the easiest fix is simply trying again. It might have been a momentary glitch that’s passed.

Step 2: Restart the device

There may also be an issue with the device connecting to the internet. You can switch it off for a few minutes before starting it up again.

Step 3: Check internet connection

Although it appears the internet is connected to your device, it may not be picking it up properly. Head to the internet settings and test to see if it’s working effectively.

Step 4: Verify the device DNS settings

There are some devices that let you verify and change DNS settings, such as gaming consoles. If nothing else works, you may as well give this a try.

Step 5: See if the network supports streaming

Not all networks support streaming, especially hotels or internet cafes. You’ll need to check with the system administrator if it’s been disabled.

Step 6: Switch to a wired connection

Your Wi-Fi connection may be struggling with a poor signal. Switch it up with a wired ethernet cable to see if the error vanishes.

Step 7: Contact Netflix support

If none of our tips above help you, your last resort is contacting the Netflix support team. There may be an issue on their side that you’re unaware of.

The return of showtime

While it may seem like a small error, you’ll lose hours or days of entertaining movies and shows if you don’t resolve this issue. If you have another recommendation for how to fix Netflix Error Code NW-2-5, feel free to let us know.

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