Is this the ultimate accessory for Netflix?

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Check it out! You’re looking at your very own private cinema of the future and the perfect addition to your Netflix rituals.

Is this the ultimate accessory for Netflix?

It’s called the Goggle Box, a piece of VR equipment that’s basically a larger version of the Google Cardboard.

How does it work? First you place your device in the given space to turn it into a mini-cinema screen. Then, you lie down and put your head into the hole. If all goes well, you should be able to watch movies as if you were in the cinema. They even have silhouettes of fellow cinema-goers to really bring that at-the-movies experience to life!

The Goggle Box is currently on sale on the online store Firebox for just under €33, and is a product imported from Japan.

So, would you pay €33 for a Goggle Box?

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