5 Netflix alternatives for streaming movies

Grace Sweeney


We’re all well aware of the big names in video streaming: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon. But Netflix is upping its prices. And traditional cable feels like a scam — add in a few additional services and you’re racking up a pretty big entertainment bill before you know it. If you’re looking to watch movies online, there are all kinds of options available to you.

Below, we’ve compiled five solid options for expanding your media library without expanding your budget.

5 great Netflix alternatives for streaming movies

1. TeaTV

TeaTv app

One of the best free movie apps for Firestick, TeaTV operates on the BitTorrent protocol and is a solid alternative to apps like Terrarium TV.

Since the original Terrarium is gone, TeaTV presents a solid alternative for fans of the bygone app.

TeaTV is a movie streaming app that offers users access to thousands of movies and TV episodes at up to 1080p quality. The app is available for Android and may be installed on a jailbroken Firestick for big screen viewing.

Keep in mind, however, TeaTV lives in some murky legal territory. You may want to use a VPN to protect your security and identity when streaming on TeaTV or similar apps.

2. Pluto TV

PlutoTV menu

Pluto TV is a live TV-streaming service, similar to apps like Playstation Vue, Vizio’s WatchFree, and Rabbit TV. The app, designed for the cord-cutting crowd is available on just about any device: Android, iOS, web, Firestick, Apple TV, Roku, the list goes on.

Pluto TV’s content lineup consists of a blend of live TV channels, on-demand movies, and weirdly, reruns of “sick day” faves like “Maury” and “Jerry Springer.”

As far as movies go, however, there are some gems in there. Indie flicks like “Adaptation” and cult favorites like “Cube” are nestled among “Hell’s Kitchen” repeats and “Dog the Bounty Hunter.”

So, yes, while Pluto TV is a bit all over the place, it’s worth a look because A: it’s free. And B: it’s a straightforward download: 100 percent legal, no need for a VPN or roundabout pirating process.

3. SnagFilms

snag films free documentaries

Snagfilms is one of the best movie streaming apps around if you’re interested in documentaries and foreign films. The free app is completely legal and provides the option to download movies for offline viewing or stream directly.

You might be a bit disappointed if you’re hoping to watch new content like the latest TV episodes or newly released movies. That said, the app has the cult classics, festival faves, and climate change documentaries on lock. Worth checking out if you need a break from the Netflix algorithm.

4. Flipps HD

Flipps movies

Flipps HD is a free movie streaming app for Android, Apple TV, Chromecast, and smart TVs like Samsung, LG, and Sony. Like Pluto TV, Flipps comes with access to 100+ channels, a long list of movies, music videos, and YouTube.

What’s cool about Flipps is, the app turns your phone into a remote control. You’ll make your selection on the phone, then tap to stream the content to your connected TV.

5. Kodi

Kodi interface

Kodi, formerly known as XBMC is a streaming platform for all types of content — from illegal cam versions of new releases to TV episodes, music and more. What it is, is an open-sourced media platform that allows users to upload their own media collections — BluRay, DVD, and downloaded files from personal hard drives.

Kodi offers a lot of the same features found in Terrarium TV, provided you download the right plug-ins. Kodi plugins range from the perfectly legal — use it to watch videos on YouTube and Vivo — to the illegal — torrent services and unpaid access to paywall content.

If you do choose to use Kodi for torrenting, you’ll want to invest in a VPN. Check our VPN articles if you’re not sure where to start the hunt.

Wait, what about sites like 123Movies?

123Movies reportedly shut down last year. But, these illegal sites always have a way of bouncing back, and they’re definitely out there. There’s also GoStream and several others. Unfortunately, these apps do present some risks. Aside from the potential legal risks, these apps and sites are hotbeds for malware. Unless you have some crazy virus protection in place, steer clear.

In the end, you can cobble together a diverse range of viewing options by exploring the wide array of free streaming services. Tread carefully with Kodi or TeaTV, though and invest in a VPN before catching up on those blockbusters.

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