Netflix announces three new games available for Android and iOS

Russell Kidson


The metaphorical ink has barely dried on the Netflix announcement that it has bought Finnish mobile gaming developer Next Games, and already the subscription-based streaming giant is adding more substance to its brand-new gaming platform. This bolstering comes in the form of three new games; This is a True Story and Shatter Remastered, both set to arrive on March 22, and Into the Dead 2: Unleashed, which is marked as Coming Soon.’ 

While Next Games doesn’t have a terribly vast collection of gaming titles, it does have two games based on the critically acclaimed The Walking Dead serial horror show and one based on the ever-popular drama Stranger Things, both of which are proud offerings on Netflix. Therefore the few games that Next Games has developed seem to fit well into the ever-expanding Netflix media empire and should certainly assist the subscription-based streaming service in serving up a specially curated selection of mobile gaming titles its users are sure to enjoy. 

Netflix announces three new games available for Android and iOS

Netflix getting into gaming came as nothing short of a surprise, but users will have noticed the Netflix Games tab in the latest update, which brings an entirely new facet to how users interact with the streaming giant. In a recent statement concerning the then-impending purchase of Next Games, Mike Verdu, Netflix’s VP of Games, had the following to say:

‘With a shared vision and passion for games, we are looking forward to welcoming Next Games in a city that is home to some of the best mobile game-makers in the world. Helsinki is also near other European cities with great talent, which will help expand our in-house game development capabilities. While we’re just getting started in games, I am confident that together with Next Games, we will be able to build a portfolio of world-class games – with no ads and no in-app purchases – that will delight our members around the world.’

Based on the recently announced gaming titles, however, Netflix doesn’t just plan to start a gaming empire; it seems that the subscription-based streaming service is trying to illuminate world struggles with its carefully curated games. One, in particular, This is a True Story, tackles the gut-wrenching fact that 771 million people still don’t have adequate access to safe and clean drinking water. Created by Frosty Pop, This is a True Story lets players explore many aspects of rural Sub–Saharan African struggles based on actual experiences and interviews. 

Just when it seemed Microsoft was to have a monopoly on digital gaming, Netflix swoops in with its own visions of a gaming-centric future. Only time will tell, however, whether Netflix will become a major player in the gaming sector, joining the likes of Microsoft and Sony, or whether it will instead focus on impactful, story-driven mobile games to educate users on the plight of the less fortunate.

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