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How to download Netflix movies for offline viewing

Madison Brown


Netflix is currently the number one streaming service everywhere and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. With the success of original movies and television shows, also making entire seasons available to watch at one time made Netflix a household name. There are a lot of awesome features on the app, one being the ability to watch any movie on Netflix offline. Keep reading to learn how!

Netflix Download Now

How to download Netflix movies

Once the app is open, click the three-line menu in the upper left corner and click “Available for Download.” From there, find the movie that you want and click the image.

Scott Pilgrim on Netflix

Below the movie synopsis, you’ll find a task bar with “My List,” “Rate,” “Share,” and “Download.”  Click download and you’ll the downward facing arrow turn into a little blue circle.

Scott Pilgrim netflix screenshot

Scott Pilgrim netflix screenshot

At the bottom of your screen, you’ll see another task bar with “Home”, “Search,” “Downloads,” and “More.” Click “Downloads” and you’ll be taken to the page that contains all of the content that is available to watch offline. Once the movie is finished downloading, the blue circle will change to an icon of a mobile phone with a check mark in the middle.

Scott Pilgrim downloaded netflix screenshot

Now, if your internet dies or you’re heading on a long road trip, you’ll have movies (and some television shows) queued up and ready to watch.  Keep in mind, according to Netflix’s official website, some titles might be set to leave Netflix soon or can only be viewed for a certain amount of time before the download needs to be renewed. Make sure you double-check your “downloads” page before you plan on watching offline. Happy viewing!

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