Netflix Shuffle Feature “Play Something”



You Can Now Shuffle Shows On Netflix To Find Somethin To Watch

Entertainment giant Netflix has announced a new shuffle feature called “Play Something” to help you find a movie or show to watch when you’re struggling to decide. When you choose the option, it’ll select one for you based on your viewing history. If you don’t like that option, you can click on the button again for a reshuffle.

Netflix Shuffle Feature “Play Something”

While the official announcement was yesterday, you might have seen the “Play Something” option on Netflix over the last few months. The company has slowly been releasing it worldwide to test whether it would work effectively. With some success behind its name now, the feature is being completely unveiled across all accounts.

You won’t be able to miss it, as Netflix has made sure it’s very prominent. There are three main locations that the button will appear, namely, beneath your profile name, on the 10th row, and in the left navigation menu bar. If you’re a picky viewer, try not to let its visibility annoy you too much.

Netflix Shuffle Feature “Play Something”

Fortunately, you can use text-to-speech if you have a screen reader installed. Since Netflix noticed that a slow decline in subscriber growth over the last year, it’s been doing everything in its power to keep the numbers flowing in. While many looked at COVID for the main reason, chances are that the rise in competitors is the real cause.

Be that as it may, we have yet to see numbers of how many users will actually click on the new shuffle feature. It’ll also be interesting to see whether you can disable the functionality.

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