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Help & Info about Netflix for windows

  • What is Netflix?

    Netflix is a streaming video service, which provides users with access to a wide range of TV shows, movies, documentaries and other video content. The service has an extensive content library, which is updated regularly and which varies from one region to another.
  • What is streaming video?

    Essentially, streaming video refers to video content that is received and displayed in 'real time'. This means that users do not need to download a file first and then play the video. The data is sent in a continuous 'stream' and does not need to be stored on a hard drive or storage device.
  • Is Netflix free?

    Netflix is a monthly subscription service, meaning users have to pay a subscription fee every month to continue use. The precise subscription fee depends on the type of subscription the user opts for, as well as the country they are in. Most regions offer a one-month free trial period for new users, allowing them to try out the service before paying.
  • Can you cancel the free trial at any point?

    Users who have been offered a free trial are able to cancel their subscription at any stage during the trial period and they will then not be charged. Users will also retain access to the service for the remainder of their trial period, but will then lose access once the trial period expires.
  • How does the billing cycle work?

    Netflix charges users at the beginning of their billing cycle. This means that, after being charged, the user will then have access to the service for the month that follows, until their next billing date. If the user cancels before their next billing date, they will retain access to the service until their subscription expires.
  • Does Netflix support HD and Ultra HD?

    The service provides support for both HD and Ultra HD video content, although not all videos are available in HD. Additionally, a HD subscription plan is required to view content in HD or Ultra HD.
  • What internet connection speed is required for Netflix?

    In order to make use of the service, a minimum connection speed of 0.5 Megabits per second is required, although 3.0 Megabits per second is the minimum recommended speed for standard definition videos. It is recommended that users who wish to watch HD streams have a minimum connection speed of 5.0 Megabits per second, while 25 Megabits per second is the suggested minimum for Ultra HD video streaming.
  • Can you watch videos on multiple devices?

    All subscribers are able to watch videos on any supported device and can switch between devices freely. Netflix will even remember where users got up to if they stop watching a video on one device and then start on another. However, watching on multiple devices simultaneously is only available with certain subscriptions.
  • Is it legal to download videos from Netflix?

    Since 2016, the Netflix software has provided the option to download videos, allowing users to watch them offline. This is completely legal, although not all videos on the service are available for download. The use of third party software or apps to download videos from Netflix is not technically illegal in most regions, although it is a violation of the service's terms and conditions, meaning the use of such software can result in account termination.
  • Can you access content from other regions?

    It is not possible to access content that is available in other parts of the world. Content rights vary from one region to the next and the user's region is detected automatically. Previously, some users made use of SmartDNS technology to circumvent the region detection, although Netflix have since clamped down on the practice.


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