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Your One-Stop Video Streaming App

When we talk about video streaming, one always thinks of Netflix before anything else. And who wouldn’t? With a popularity that spans worldwide, it is no wonder that the multimedia app is the front-runner when it comes to streaming. This software lets you watch as much as you want for a low price. Whether you are a movie buff or more into long-running TV series, you can surely find one that suits your mood. 

The Content You Want, When You Want

As what most streaming apps—HULU and other competition included—offer, Netflix lets you watch movies and TV shows, anywhere. The app boasts a vast library of content which constantly increases, so you won’t run out of content to watch. Whether you’re looking to spend your weekend binge-watching popular TV series, or you want to squeeze in a movie before going to bed, the app can cater to you. It even has a collection of animated movies and series as well as Asian dramas. 

But what users probably love about Netflix is its offering of original contents. Just like with traditional television networks, you can also watch movies and series that is specifically produced for the app. And it is not just any show either. Netflix’s original contents come in varied genres, so you find one to your liking. 

Since Netflix uses streaming technology, the quality of the video you are watching depends on your internet connection. Whether you use WiFi or a data-based internet, you need a stable connection to ensure smooth playback. Netflix buffers the video stream, so there’s usually no problems when watching a video. Users must keep in mind, however, that high-quality streaming quickly devours your data allotment

Dynamic Streaming 

Another thing to like about Netflix is how it organizes its collection of contents. The app sorted its interface into different category cards such as suggested content, recently viewed, and new arrivals. However, while new contents are easy to find, using Netflix’s search tool can be a little awkward. Often, searching for something to watch takes a bulk of your time.

Additionally, Netflix also flaunts a very intuitive algorithm. Users are shown contents that they like based on their recent streaming, which can either be refreshing because it exposes you to contents that you haven’t seen before but might like or it can be annoying because you cannot scroll through the contents alphabetically. To make your life easier, you can browse by genre or search a specific title and add them to My List for easier access later. 

Another brilliant thing about Netflix is the addition of the Skip Intro button. Launched in 2017, this feature lets you skip the title sequences of TV shows, which, admit it or not, something we do not care about. Its things like these that make streaming more enjoyable.

Netflix is a subscription-based service that offers three plans. The basic, which allows you to stream on one screen at a time, the standard which allows for two, and the premium plan that allows up to four users to stream at once. Both standard and premium allow you the stream in high definition, but you can get Ultra HD with the premium package if you want better quality. All packages offer unlimited movies and TV shows. 

Stream Anytime, Anywhere

All in all, there is no denying that Netflix runs the show when it comes to video streaming. The app has become synonymous to it that if one thinks of watching movies or TV shows online, it will be the obvious choice. Its large library of contents leaves you with something to look forward to every time. More, the app comes up with innovations that make your streaming experience even better. And while there may be lots of emerging streaming applications available, Netflix’s reign won’t be ending any time soon.


  • Large Library of Movies and TV Shows
  • Organized and Easy to Use Interface
  • Offers Subtitle Options
  • Personalized Recommendations


  • Video Quality Depends on Internet Stability
  • Search Tool Can Be Awkward
  • Users Never Know How Long the Content Will Be Available
  • Lacks Current TV Show Episodes from Other Sources

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Netflix 12.30.0 for Mac

User reviews about Netflix

  • Roque Reyes

    by Roque Reyes

    Netflix helps us get the see the movies and the TV shows that we want to watch and share with our relatives and friends.

  • sale

    by sale

    yes, I would definitely recommend it to others because of the variety of interesting features which get added from time to time.

  • Raymond vun

    by Raymond vun

    yes choices of movie is there, most satisfying for childrens and adults, even old folks also have their choices of watching their favouMore

  • Cosby Leseyane

    by Cosby Leseyane

    Amazing Content. Always ahead of every network out there. Keep up the good work.

  • Vikas Joshi

    by Vikas Joshi

    good............i love it and my son love it too.but rate of new movies too low

  • Aleks Beatovic

    by Aleks Beatovic

    I think about Netflix because Anne with an E is on Netflix

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